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The NESronomicon (Post) You know, I always did feel like the NES was missing the ability to devour my soul
Playing Final Fantasy VII (Post) I've been tempted to try out some of these Final Fantasies the kids are talking about, but I really don't know where I'd start.
Concept: Sending photos using an analog phone. (Post) Reminds me a bit of those AGDQ shenanigans where they sent audio and video data to a NES and SNES (respectively) using inputs from the controller.

Fascinating stuff, my man.
It's 2016: We must Google zany combinations of things (Post)

"toy story" "end of the world" - 708,000 results
"shantae" "megamind" - 141,000 results
"shovel knight" "taco bell" - 35,000 results
"dark and edgy" "king of the hill" - 10,600 results
"fist of the north star" "bratz movie" - 10,200 results
"nicolas cage" "hotel mario" - 9,400 results
"sonic mania" "filing taxes" - 10 results
"vinesauce" "not f***ing bees" - No results
"metroid: other m" "legitimate thought" - No results (without quotes, I get StarTropics 2)
"teen titans go" "mature political discourse" - No results
Vinny Who (Post) And with that, Vinny Who is on hiatus. Or over. I really don't know.

Perhaps in the future, it'll adopt more of a forum game style where different users write different episodes.
Vinny Who (Post)

Episode 13: Death of a Vinny

"The Vinny!" Vanessa screams at the rubble. She rushes towards it in the hopes of finding him, turning over every stone she can find. Eventually, she's about to give up, but a hand thrusts itself out of the rubble. Vanessa grabs it and pulls with whatever she can muster.

As she had hoped, the hand belongs to The Vinny, but he's not in good shape. He's bleeding profusely and is missing an arm. "Oh my god, you're-" Vanessa barely manages to say. "I know, I'm not in the best shape of my life, am I? Heheheh." The Vinny says. "Why are you laughing?! You're missing an arm!" Vanessa says, completely aghast. "Yeah, but it's okay. I have ways of dealing with this." he says. "Just carry me back to the TORTOISE, if you would."

Vanessa drags The Vinny to the TORTOISE and gently sets him down. The Vinny looks at Vanessa as a subtle light begins to engulf him. "What's going on?" Vanessa says. "You see, legend has it that we team lords have a funny little way of cheating death." The Vinny says. "It's called reformulation. After this process, I'll be back and fit as a fiddle. Well, sorta." "Sorta?" Vanessa says. "Well, there's the tiny little snag that... I'm kinda gonna be a different person. But still me. It's strange, trust me." The Vinny says.

Suddenly, the subtle light became more akin to a roaring fire of energy so bright The Vinny's face was conveniently not visible through it! It eventually subsides...

"Ah. I feel like a new man! Possibly because I'm a new man." says The Vinny. "So, what do you think, Vanessa? Pretty groovy, huh?" "I-I... uh..." Vanessa stutters. "Huh? Do I have something in my teeth? I do have teeth, right? Is it my hair? I'll bet it's the hair. That's the thing with reformulations, really. I keep getting strange hair." "No, it's... it's fine. You look fine." Vanessa says. "I'm just... a little shocked, is all. It feels like this day couldn't get any stranger."

Suddenly, Vanessa started to rapidly drop in opacity. "What?!" she yells. "What's going on now?!" "I'll bet I know." The Vinny says. "Whatever The VGMaster was using to displace Cliax Enterprises in time must've been destroyed. Now that time is returning to normal, you're being returned, as well."

As Vanessa becomes more and more transparent, she solemnly asks the Vinny something. "Will I ever see you again? After all this, will I even remember you?" "Maybe! Possibly. I don't know, maybe not." The Vinny says. Vanessa shakes The Vinny's hand as she fades away.

"Darn it, and I had this companion for about 13 episodes, too." The Vinny says dejectedly. "Bummer. Oh well, moping about isn't doing much! Time to chill out in the TORTOISE and hardly ever reference her again until we have some kind of anniversary special or something!"

The Vinny cruises out to space and attempts to calm himself after those adventures. "No place like deep space, that's what I say." The Vinny says to himself. "Quiet. And there's nothing around ever to bother y-" All of a sudden, the TORTOISE shakes. "That sounded like an impact!" The Vinny says. "What could it possibly be?" The Vinny pokes his head out of the TORTOISE, but it's okay because he has an... air shield... or something.

He sees a foreign spacecraft stuck to the side of the TORTOISE. A somewhat small, armless creature emerges from it. The creature is purple and is wearing what appears to be military gear. "Hey! Don't you know who I am? Watch where you're going! You know, if it's... uh... if it's not too much trouble." the creature says.

"what" says The Vinny.
Vinny Who (Post)

Episode 12: The VGMaster Shoots a Thing

All of a sudden, The VGMaster pulls out a ray gun and begins firing away. "Where does he get these?!" The Vinny asks while running for his life. Now, The Vinny was, for the most part, a pacifist, so he had no intention to actually do harm to The VGMaster. However, it was... very evident something needed to be done.

"What's your plan?" Vanessa asks The Vinny. "Not sure. If I could just get that gun away from him..." he says. "You distract him and I'll try to use my whip to get it!" Vanessa says. "Good idea! That's using the smarts!" The Vinny says.

The Vinny stands by a small piece of rubble just tall enough to provide adequate cover. "Hey, The VGMaster!" The Vinny yells. "Legend has it that you smell rotten!" "Alright...?" The VGMaster says. "And your mom was ugly!" The Vinny says. "Indeed." says The VGMaster. "And StarTropics is an awful game!" The Vinny says.

Suddenly, The VGMaster's face turned red. "You... take that back!" he manages to sputter out, barely. "I don't believe I will." The Vinny says. The VGMaster's barrage of lasers becomes quicker and more fierce than before.

Vanessa sneaks up behind The VGMaster and slings her whip at his gun, knocking it to the ground. She picks up the gun and points it at him. "Now, The Vinny is gonna deactivate your machine and you aren't going to try anything." she says. The Vinny heads over the the machine and hits the very lovingly labeled "shut down" button. Then he blows up the machine somehow just for good measure.

The Vinny pulls The VGMaster up and looks him right in the eyes. "I want you to leave this planet. Leave it and never return." The Vinny says. "But... where will I go? Galliflorida is gone." The VGMaster says. "That's none of my concern." The Vinny sternly replies. "You had your chance to come peacefully and you blew it."

"Heheheheh." The VGMaster chuckles. "As if you really thought I wouldn't have one last trick?" "What?!" The Vinny yells. "Vanessa, get back!" "This whole time..." The VGMaster wheezes. "This whole time, I had a secret little weapon. A small bomb in my pocket. It's nowhere near enough to destroy a planet, but I'll at least be able to kill you."

"Get out of here, Vanessa!" The Vinny yells. Vanessa hesitantly complies, looking back along the way. With the sound of rapid beeping, the Cliax Enterprises building explodes into rubble behind her...
Vinny Who (Post)

Episode 11: The Vinny Does a Stuff

"I swear, put her down or a bad thing may happen to you!" The Vinny said sternly. "Like what?" The VGMaster asked sarcastically. "I'll never be absolute enough for you to know!" The Vinny replies. "I think I'll take my chances." The VGMaster says. "We all know that The Vinny is a pacifist. You'd never lay a finger on me. You're just bluffing." "I'd do lots of things for the people I care about." The Vinny says. "Let her go or I'll make sure you find out the full extent of that."

The VGMaster suddenly makes a mad dash back to his headquarters. Not having access to the same sort of technology, The Vinny was powerless to keep up. However, he trailed behind the VGMaster dauntlessly, fueled by his sense of care and justice. Eventually, he reached Cliax Enterprises and carefully walked inside.

"He could have laid dozens of traps for me. I have to be careful." The Vinny whispers to himself. However, surprisingly, The Vinny finds no traps in his wake. There was almost a startling silence that covered the building. "Strange, he had all the opportunity in the world to set traps, but there's... nothing. Not even a mouse trap."

Eventually, The Vinny reaches the top floor. He walks inside and sees Vanessa, completely unbounded. "What are you up to, VGMaster?" The Vinny asks skeptically. "Nothing." The VGMaster replies. "I just thought about what you had said. I remembered you and I having grand old times back in Galliflorida. The way you used to stream silently and the way I'd watch. We were such good friends."

"So... you really like her?" The VGMaster asks. "Of course." The Vinny replies. "She's my friend. And I won't turn my back on any of those." Vanessa runs over to The Vinny and hugs him. "However, Vincent, there is something I want to ask of you." The VGMaster says. "Rule with me, Vinny. We can rule over this silly planet together as the magnificent team lords we always were." "I'm afraid I can't take you up on that." The Vinny says. "This thing has to stop. What you're planning isn't groovy."

"Then I suppose you'll just have to die after all." The VGMaster says.
Vinny Who (Post)

Episode 10: The Ultimatum

"Alas, still no sign of him." The Vinny said. "I wonder if Vanessa is having better luck." "Hello there, El Vincent!" booms a voice behind him. The Vinny turns around and sees The VGMaster with Vanessa in a headlock or something. "Looking for me, I take it? Well, bonjour, I am here!" The VGMaster says.

"Put her down right now!" The Vinny yells. "Nah, I ain't really feelin' that, m'friend." The VGMaster responds. "You see, I mentioned that it would require a few minutes before I could enact my devious plan. This is because I've built a Cliaxium laser beam the size of about 60 cows. However, I knew that you would try to shut the device down before it was done charging, so I had to stall you. And stall you I did."

"So wait, how did you manage to move so fast?" The Vinny asks. "Advanced team lord technology, my dear The Vincent." The VGMaster responds. "Using these advanced team lord boot things, I can propel myself forward by filtering the air and converting it into SuperAir (a patented product). The SuperAir is then expelled and I'm given a speed boost beyond the capabilities of any mere human." "That... doesn't make any sense." The Vinny says. "Shut up." The VGMaster retorts in a clearly witty fashion.
Vinny Who (Post)
I like how Vanessa has suddenly learned how to use her super-powerful Cliaxium Whip, a previously-unmentioned gadget that sounds helpful. This would come in handy... if she was conscious.

To be fair, most of the (completely made up as I go along) story up to this point has been investigation. Can't imagine a superpowered future whip device would be too useful in that circumstance.

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