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Vinny Who

Vinny Who is a television program series of forum posts that detail the adventures of The Vinny. The Vinny is the last surviving team lord from the planet Galliflorida. The rest of his kind were wiped out in the Last Great Time Wart.

The Vinny stole a phone booth and began travelling through all of time and space. It can be a jolly good time, but he also runs into his fair share of trouble! Stay tuned for more useless spam exciting adventures!
Snifit Scramble Forgot to post a topic here.

Snifit Scramble

Snifit Scramble is a game I've been working on for a bit with the primary purpose being to stress test my platformer engine. It's a run and shoot kind of game and could best be described as Mega Man with a heavy Mario theme.

The game will include arguably original areas (such as an anachronistic temple, a Japanese-type village (shown above) and a canyon filled with explosives) and bosses (like a train conductor mole and a thwomp with jets).

Additional note: Sadly, I'm not entirely sure when the full game will be released due to technical difficulties involving moving platforms. If you have any suggestions for this, I'd appreciate it.

On a distant island far removed from the Mushroom Kingdom, a village of monsters exists. Unlike the majority of their brethren, these monsters are content keeping to themselves and not causing any trouble.

However, one day, a mysterious man wearing a phanto mask named Fizzad blows into town and requests that the monsters join his army. The monsters refuse, but Fizzad uses his magical powers to hypnotize them into submitting.

Only a select few were immune to this spell. One of which being a single snifit. Can he put a stop to Fizzad's schemes?

No download yet
Portable Sega Genesis Mod (Explanation: For April Fool's Day 2015, Nite Shadow and I pretended to be eachother . As Nite, I pretended to post about a "mod" I was creating. Once April Fools was over, I "damaged the disguise matrix" and created these lovely abominations . Of course, Nite being Nite, he started brainstorming ways to make this a real thing . He eventually did in the form of a modded SupaBoy and a Genesis to SNES adapter .)

I decided to try and create a portable Sega Genesis mod.

-1 Sega Genesis (Model 1)
-1 Game Boy Advance SP
-Some advanced adhesive

If it works, I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Only a matter of time, folks. This IS happening.
Review: The Hyperkin RetroN 5 Well, since Nite demanded requested it, I'm making a review topic.

Before I begin, I should probably mention that I have little experience reviewing things, so this'll probably be a load of butt.
Also, I haven't had it long, so I might change my mind on a few things later.
-Before I truly begin-
Many, many months ago, I was browsing a certain site when I saw a topic for the Super Retro Trio (a different clone console).
I read the topic and wasn't terribly interested in the product, but then somebody mentioned a "RetroN 5".

Hold on, a 5? What is this nonsense?

I looked it up and was very impressed by the sound of it.
It seemed as if Hyperkin was really trying to step up their game and break the mold of normal clone systems.

Of course, they completely screwed up the release in every way imaginable, but after a long period of waiting, I finally got one.

-What I got-
Once I got my package, it contained the following:
-The console
-2 Bluetooth controllers (one of which was a bonus from Stone Age Gamer)
-A rather long HDMI cord
-A rather short power cord and adapters for it
-The manual
-Stickers (for some reason)
-A $15 gift card to Stone Age Gamer (also a bonus)
-A discounted Power Base Mini

-The hardware-
The console itself feels like it was put together decently, I suppose.
The design is decent enough (and a massive improvement over the RetroN 3), but it's kinda made weird by the controller dock.

The Famicom and Genesis slots really don't want to let go of your games sometimes, so you'll want to exercise caution when taking them out.
The former seems to have loosened up a bit since I've had it, but the latter still has a death grip.

-The controller-
I guess I could lump this together with the hardware, but I decided to make it its own section.

The controller... is really hit or miss.
For some games, it's perfectly usable (I found Sonic worked reasonably well with it), but for others, it's nigh unbearable (Mega Man).

You can use the official Nintendo and Sega controllers, though, so the faults of the controller are fairly moot.

-The software/features-
This thing offers a lot of extra features that, to my knowledge, are not present on any other clone on the market.
Save states, built-in Game Genie (sorta), graphical filters, sound enhancement and other such things.

The graphical filters work as they should, but I don't really care for them in general.
I'll occasionally turn them on for a change of pace, but I feel the crisp pixels look much better.

The sound enhancement was actually very hard to notice without either wearing headphones or turning the volume way up.
Perhaps it would work better if I had a speaker system or something, but I don't really intend on getting one any time soon. Heh.

The built-in Game Genie... actually seems to be closer to Pro Action Replay than anything else.
Oddly, all codes except for SNES codes don't seem to work as of this writing, but I've heard it'll be fixed soon.
Also, the cheat database files are simply XML files, so anybody with enough knowledge could make their own if need be.

Something I also feel I should mention is the odd way this thing handles save files.
Akin to modern consoles, the RetroN only uses the cart for the game and all save data is stored on the console and it won't use the one on the cart until you tell the system to copy it.
The upside to this is that any games with dead batteries will now work just fine provided you play them on the RetroN.

Another awesome thing about this device is the ability to update the firmware.
Most issues folks have with this thing could conceivably be fixed down the road.

You can also use any controller for any system, which is an awesome feature.

-The emulation-
The quality of emulation was inconsistent, but usually ranged from decent to pretty great.

The NES/Famicom upscaling is noticeably... inconsistent.
Some pixels are larger than others, it seems.
This may also be a problem on other systems, but it's far less noticeable.

The SNES and Genesis are emulated decently.
The Genesis sounds slightly off to me, but I'm used to playing on a RetroN 3, so it's likely that's how it's supposed to sound.

The highlight of this device, however, is the GB/GBC/GBA emulation.
These games look fantastic on a HDTV.
The lower resolution also means that the inconsistent scaling mentioned above is nigh unnoticeable or just plain doesn't exist.

-Final verdict-
As somebody who is fairly concerned with staying legal, the ability to use emulator features with legitimate carts is great.
Anybody who is perfectly fine with just playing a folder full of ROM files probably won't see the point, but it's awesome for folks like me.

If you have a bunch of carts lying around or would like to start collecting, I'd recommend it.

A few things I forgot that I'm appending to the end because I'm not sure where to put them:
-This thing requires a HDTV.
-Compatibilty is actually very good. Most games that don't work are unlicensed.
-The system plays games by dumping them to RAM. This means that most carts that require/use the "piggybacking" thing don't work. The only exception that I know of is Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
-There is a very small amount of input lag at the moment. You'll probably only notice it if you've played a game a lot, though.
The Quotes Topic After briefly discussing it in the shoutbox with Miles and Bibby, we decided that this topic would be a good idea.
I mean, why not?

Essentially, this topic is for sharing funny, interesting or entertaining quotes made by Bibby Team users.

To start us off, the quote that inspired this topic:

No it's not! I've always secretly wanted to produce or procure walrus-related merchandise.

Also, I am indeed aware that there was one of these before, but it was for just Bibby.
Getting a Twitter Account I've recently contemplated getting myself a Twitter account, but after a chat with Nite some days ago, I'm not so sure.
It seems like it would be useful, but talk about security concerns leaves me a bit hesitant.

Would any of you say this was a good idea?
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Alphabet Abuse Area Ah, hello!

Before now, there was no topic where you would have to start each sentence with the next letter in the alphabet.

Certainly this wasn't something I could take sitting down, so I made this topic.

Definitely a good idea, I'd say.
Ask Dustinvgmaster Questions Because I love stealing ideas.

But yeah, ask away.
Dustinvgmaster Introduction Topic 1.4 Hello, it's-a me, Dustinvgmaster.

Anyway, I just thought I'd register over here.
Might not be able to post too much yet, though.
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