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Revenge of the Walrus

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Mario has been kidnapped by a gang of militant walruses and transported to a psychiatric prison. He must escape and figure out why these strange events are happening! This platformer boasts over 30 one-of-a-kind levels, high-quality Ogg Vorbis music, and an achievements system.

The first fangame to use New SMB Wii graphics, Revenge of the Walrus finished in second place (behind TD's hit Psycho Waluigi) in numerous categories at the most recent MFGG Awards.

Most glitches should be ironed out by now, but some players have experienced problems with levels failing to clear properly and music looping over itself. If that happens, close the game, restart, and reload your save file, and this problem shouldn't repeat itself. I still haven't had a chance to fix this glitch 100%.

Enjoy the game... and don't let those big old tusked mammals get you.