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My untitled RPG project
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Whoa, I realized I haven't posted in this topic in five years! That "next year" sure has taken a while.

A few things have changed during that time. One thing that hasn't changed? Believe it or not, I'm still working on this game! Grad school and starting a full-time job took up much of my time and mental energy for a while, and for the past year or so I've spent a lot of time updating my older game projects. However, I've finished the "Update Old Stuff" project , so I'm making sure this project stays at the top of my game-making queue. While my "day job" keeps me plenty busy, working from home has given me a lot more free time to make games - cutting out 90 minutes in the car every day makes a big difference, after all. And with Florida's COVID-19 numbers being the world's worst right now, I'll be working from home for quite a while longer.

An awesome person has been making awesome enemy sprites, which has been a big help. Much thanks.

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and converted the game from GM 8.0 to GM Studio 1.4. While I still prefer some aspects of GM 8 over newer Game Maker versions, sticking to GM 8 made the game increasingly difficult to develop. The conversion process proved to be a major headache, since my old textbox script depended on functions that don't work in GM Studio. Fortunately, I was able to replicate this functionality with a new textbox script. It's taken quite a bit of testing to make sure I didn't cause any regression bugs, but I think everything is working fine now.

So here's what's next:

  • Double-check everything is working as expected (in-battle healing/items might need tweaking)
  • Make menus/UI prettier
  • Make gameplay smoother
  • Create/add more sprites
  • Add characters and dialogue

I'm planning to have a playable demo out by the end of the year - something where you can explore some of the world, fill out your party, fight a boss, and tackle a dungeon.
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