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This one's a little sing song. About a barber.

Spoken: Ah, a pleasure to meet you!

Well I'm-quite new to these parts, but I'll have you know...
I'm a barber, so I'm pretty sharp.
Ha! See, you get it. Name's Bennett. Mr. Bennett. Or Jude Bennett. You could simply call me Jude.
Folks call me friendly as can be.
S'long as you're not my enemy.
I'm an honest man who likes to stop and smell the roses.
But anyone who knows me knows this.
Won't knick ya, it's no promise, but cutting hair is what I do.
Well no I suppose, that's not completely true.

Y'see sir, I cut hair. I cut people.
Any blade or sheer it's very clear.
I trim heads...
In every sense.
Quite quick, quite slick, although it's a bit-
Y'see. But please, allow me, to explain, my repartee.
Every day, come and go, people stop to say hello.
Complainin' "Oi, why the lights so dim?", but y'know, they need a trim. That's the wit-
Once I'm done, they'll say...
Swift work, Mr. Bennett.
I say, Why thank you, I do my very best."
Dust off their chests, or I do it for em'. Gimmie a nod and then my pay.
Then, only then, it's when I say...

"So sir, anything else I can do for you? Maybe today?"

And then...well...
Some say, "Bennet...or Mr. Bennet. Or...Jude Bennett. Or they simply call me Jude.
Some fancy swords you have there on the wall
I say "Why thank you sir! The racks been up a while, I hope they don't fall."
Then they mumble. "Oh, you don't use em' well, nevermind then."
Then I say "Far from it, let me tell you, the rack's just my first and only one.
Old yes, but a favorite. It's been mine a while; don't see the point in a gun."
"Well then...actually, there's something else that must be done, Mr. Bennett! Or just Bennett. Or Jude Bennett. They may simply call me Jude"

Then I tell them-
Well, I have to say, I'm rather new to these parts...
But don't let that fool you, I'm a barber, so I'm pretty sharp.
I see you see it, I know you know it, so let me just say-
Sir, make sure, you don't forget to pay. And leave a name.
"Why a name?" They ask-
"For the records...and for the record, it's always nice to know."
And then so, they go, and then the shop's closed...oh, but my work is never done.

I go out, in the night, for a spot of fun.
I come a knockin', no surprises. Like I said, I'm an honest man.
The kind of man, who likes to smell the roses...
Then the door closes...
But, anyone who knows me knows this!
I cut hair, I cut people, and once I'm done, they say-
"Mr. Bennett. Or...Jude Bennett". Some simply call me Bennett, and I say
"Why thank you, I do my very best."

Ah yes I do my very best...
You've got a little something on your vest...
I don't dust em'. They don't nod. The poor sod...then I'm on my merry way-
The next day, I say, "Well sir, I did all I could do...trust me here it's true...
Hope we meet again soon..."

Folks call me friendly as can be...
So long as, you're not my enemy...
And that no one's paying me...
I don't really work for free...

I work for myself though and, I have to say, I do my very best...
Oh there's something on my vest...
Good thing I cought his name...
Another one to blame...

More to come in the future
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Charming and kind of quaint. I'd like to see some more of this!
Course clear! You got a card.
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