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Phobetor's reality: The keys to hells gate, A list of enemies mainly, and some plot.
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If some of this sounds familiar, here is why:
This is a Indie-game redo of my Scrapped fangame "The Twisted Dream: The keys to Oblivion"
You will find the remains of that concept in the Concept Corner at MFGG.

Phobetor: Greek god of nightmares.
The main antagonist.
Ruler of his own realm, he feeds on the fear brought by people in their nightmares, to gain power, and find his successor.
More recently, he has gained the ability to trap his victims, in this dark, twisted realm.
It is revealed that he is responsible for an outbreak of people falling into a deep sleep, and never waking.
He seeks to rule the waking realm.

Hypnos: Greek god of Sleep.
Somehow playing a major role in this story. being one who only helps mortals, it is unknown why he would be helping Phobetor in this plot.

Thanatos: Greek god of death.
Being manipulated by Phobetor, he seeks to release the victims from their misery. However, this only seems to feed Phobetor even more.

Moirai: Fates.
They spin the threads of life, and death. all that is, or ever will be, is in their control.
Being generally neutral, it is unknown why they would be helping Phobetor with this plot.

Oizys: Greek goddess of Misery
Gaining power from the pain inflicted by Phobetor's plot she has agreed to assist him.

Keres and enebrae: Spirits of Death (Common Enemy)
These spirits have many forms, from animals, monsters, or even people.

Oneiroi: (Common Enemy) Ikelos, Icelos, and Icelus.
Lackeys of Phobetor, they seek to maximize the level of fear from those who have become trapped in this realm of nightmares. in any way possible. They take on elemental properties of their current surroundings.
Fire, Ice, and Lightening.

Cyclops: (Common Pain in the ass Enemy)
Cyclops' are more of an obstacle than anything, Finding a way around these oversized powerhouses often proves tricky.
Do not underestimate them, they may only seem to block paths, but they are still highly aggressive.

Typhon: (Endless enemy spawn point)
Can be incapacitated, but not killed. He will spawn enemies in an attempt to slow you down, and incite more fear.

Hydra: (Common GET OUT OF MY WAY! enemy)
This enemy commonly blocks paths, Immune to most weapons, your best bet is to find a way around. They attack when approached, and are highly territorial.

You: (Player)
(Place what you are here)
You find yourself in this dark realm one night, what seems like just a nightmare, becomes much more than you could have ever feared.
Running for your life from unknown shadows, you find two weapons stuck in a tree.
A sword, and an axe. You must fight your way out of this situation, and escape.

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Phobetor's Reality: The Keys to Bad Placeo Gate

I'm sorry. I had to.

Anyway, this sounds interesting. Remixing this with characters from Greek mythology is a neat concept.
Course clear! You got a card.
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Glad to hear you like it!
I did an early concept sketch for Phobetor himself.

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