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Boring stuff about data privacy
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You probably don't care about any of this stuff. But in case you do...

To support forum functionality like posting topics, replies, and personal messages, this forum collects some basic user data. Don't worry - the amount of data we collect is very limited and can be removed upon user request.

Publicly-Visible Data
By registering an account, creating topics, or replying to other members' posts, some user data will be stored on the server. Some basic information is publicly visible - for example, the date and time of posts, account creation, and most recent login.

Publicly-Visible Data (User Control Panel)
Any personal information (such as your location, date of birth, gender, or contact information) is provided voluntarily and can be removed at any time without penalty (although if you don't list your birthday in your profile, it won't appear in the forum calendar ).

Data Visible to Forum Staff
Forum staff members may have access to the IP address of each post and account registration. Forum admins can view the e-mail address that a member used to register for the forums. This information is not personally identifiable, and we rarely look at this information unless we're banning a spam account.

Personal Messaging
Personal messages (PMs) are visible only to the sender and recipient of the message. The Admin Control Panel does not include any way for staff members to view other members' messages. However, the contents of PMs are not encrypted. For this reason, we don't recommend using PMs to transmit highly confidential information (although it's not likely you'd be doing such a thing.)

Data Removal
If there's a piece of data you don't want to be on the server, please talk to an admin. While we can't remove an account altogether, we can remove any piece of data that you don't want to be stored on the server. Keep in mind that post data may still be retained by search engines or archives like the Wayback Machine even after it's deleted on the original forums.

Data Security
We take reasonable care to protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data by limiting the number of admins with access to private data.

The forum's server is located somewhere in the United States (as of today, New York). The exact location may be subject to change.

This is a nonprofit site, and we don't sell any user information for any reason.

We use cookies to store login data. It's possible that other sites may be able to access data stored in cookies, but you can dump your cookies at any time.

(If some of this sounds familiar, there's a reason - it's almost the same as what I wrote for MFGG.)
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Seems pretty standard really.
No worries here.

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