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Integer to Roman, I know it's not a game, but I think this script could come in handy.
Kitty Kat
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So I was browsing the web for a way to convert a integer into a roman number. Surprisingly, there was not any script for GML to do said thing, I only found scripts for JavaScript i/or C#

Said code can be found here

So I tried to port one from JavaScript into GML

Here's the code

Obligatory GIF showing how it works.

NOTE: Take in mind that this will only work with a number between 1 and 3999

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This could be useful for something - for example, a puzzle that uses Roman numerals.
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401 is CDI?
Sheesh, you would think with it being that high Philips wouldn't have butchered Nintendo's franchises so bad.

Bad jokes aside.
This is actually really cool. I can see this being handy.

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