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Revenge of the Walrus: fireball3k Remix 1.0, Music mod... maybe not complete yet?
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When I played Revenge of the Walrus, I was talking to BibbyVinnyVideo about how, since the music is stored outside of the .EXE, I wanted to do some mods for fun. Here is a copy of what I ended up with when I got done playing the game through.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/1wyh4czv7br9x1n/Revenge_music_mod.7z/file is a link to a 7zip archive. Take this and extract it to wherever you have Revenge of the Walrus installed, and it should replace those files.

Here's an incomplete list of tracks. If it's not listed, chances are I didn't modify it from the original. That, or I forgot to list it.

Overworld/Athletic: In The Air, a song from Crossfire on the Sega Genesis. Picked this just because I dig this song.
Castle: Fortress from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Underground: Underground music from SNES verison of Super Mario Bros. 3.
Forest: Forest Frenzy from Donkey Kong Country 1.
Lava: Route 10 from Pokemon Black and White. Bibby mentioned he had tried to fit this into the main game, so I thought it would sound good here given the way the lava levels look.
Boss: Donkey Kong Country 2 boss music, by Dave Wise.
Chance: Challenge level music from Super Mario Sunshine. The level this is played in looks like a 2D version of those levels.
Underwater: Underwater music from Super Mario World.
Victory 1: Course Clear from SNES Super Mario Bros. 3
Map: Scrambled Egg Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Game Gear. This also plays in the intro of that game, where Dr. Robotnik kidnaps Tails while the latter is trying to run away. I thought it fit the theme of Mario trying to run from the walruses/walri.
Final Boss: Fourth movement of Dancing Mad, the theme from Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES when you go to kill Kefka at the end.
Ghosts: This is the song Ghosts House by the band Witchcraft. It has words, since I just ripped it from YouTube.
Party: A short version of the song While Tha Rekkid Spins by DJ Zombie. This is one of the songs included in the Dance Dance Revolution clone In The Groove.

None of these songs loop properly compared to the original OST, and the volume levels differ quite a bit from track to track. I also wrote a small tool that helped me copy files in bulk, but at present, the directories it looks in are hard-coded, so I don't feel like I can release it as is.

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This was a very cool idea - thanks for making this!

Next time you're exporting Ogg Vorbis files in Audacity, you might want to use Compressor or Normalize first - some tracks are on the quiet side.
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