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I had a dream that I was on a marathon run trying to program a game in Construct, and actually having success with it.
Granted the commands I was using made no sense... some of them included things like "On collision with death then Angry Video game nerd"

The whole thing felt like it went on for several hours.

I was focused, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and ultimately saw my original vision for The Twisted Dream come to reality. Violent, dark, Metal, and yet, still Mario.
(And creepy, but in a badass way)

I got to the point I was uploading it, and had to wake up because it got really super hot...

I had just overheated the wood stove. (DAMMIT!)

After that, I might give that game anothertry at some point.

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I love the ending to Nite's most recent dream.

About a week ago, I dreamed that I went to Russia to hear Vladimir Putin give a speech in a small auditorium. It was about the size of the room where we had a lot of my presentations in grad school - it seated approximately 75-100 people. Putin spoke about how he planned to lead Russia forever. He was actually quite funny in this dream. After giving his speech, he played a video where Putin starred in a skit demonstrating why he doesn't want to return to private life. In this skit, he becomes a professor who tries a little too hard to relate to his students - he's making silly faces and dancing in the video.

Suddenly, there's a disturbance in the room. It's hard to tell what's going on, but it looks like one of Putin's bodyguards had confronted someone in the audience. A suitcase spilled open, but there's nothing particularly interesting inside - just a measuring gauge for tuning aircraft, as well as a pair of eyeglasses. I am not sure whether there was a legitimate threat, or whether one of Putin's bodyguards decided to rough up someone who laughed at the wrong time! Either way, a photographer from my city's newspaper was there, and she got some interesting photos of the incident. The dream ended before I could look at the photos or find out what happens next.

In other news, Person #3 in my November 5 post now sits across from me at work.
Course clear! You got a card.
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Here's a new one for ya.

(Small note for later: When I was younger, I always had this weird extreme fear of any kind of malfunctioning tech - from frozen Furbies to Windows blue screens and beyond. I was also absolutely terrified of small lights in the dark, like VCR displays or itty bitty power signal lights on various devices, including some TVs and VCRs. These have mostly subsided. Mostly.)

This dream was actually consistently structured, which is a weird departure from the usual abstract fare where the setting can change and I never know it until later; there are still some Dream Brand Abnormalities, however. I don't remember a ton about this dream in the way of exact details with the main exception being the way it ended.

First half: There were two very mildly disorderly rooms in our house that were somehow a little bit larger on the inside than the outside. I was cleaning up both of said rooms by just picking up stray things and putting most of them in a huge closet. The final thing left to pick up in one of the rooms was a rogue "Christmas decoration", which for some reason was an American flag still in packaging. The same room's furniture was made of basic geometric shapes and were made like thick gym mattresses. Even the bed was like this.

Second half: At first, I'm in a van, working on some game project on a laptop. For whatever reason, I'm parked closer to a neighbor's yard. I finish fiddling with the game (sadly I remember nothing of this dream game), then move the van back to our yard and go inside, leaving the laptop in the van. A gadget of mine is slightly messed up, and my dad met me to show me that he was about to try to fix it. The way my dad went about trying to fix it was more likely to make it worse than to fix it, so we just fought about that for a bit. Dream Me is worse than a supposed sailor when it comes to swearing, for some reason, even though I'm not actually a person that tends to do that.

There was one particular constant in this dream that showed up at the end of both halves. Our kitchen counters were up much higher and we had this weird white microwave and baking oven hybrid. After a while of being plugged in, it would have a sort of stroke: It'd make a sequence of seven distinct warped noises (the "tune" of which is still playing in my head as I write this; I hate it) and slowly flicker between temperature display for baking and a timer for the microwave. Also, the power in the rest of the house would flicker; this dream house had no proper breakers, apparently.

The first time this happened, we just turned it off for a bit and then turned it back on and everything was fine. Second time wasn't so great. I was so shaken with fear that when I tried to hit the off button, I missed; my hand stopped just short of touching the button because I drew it back too quickly. I was expecting the thing to explode, and I ended up thinking of the consequences of that happening when it was right there in front of me. Due to that, I had the misfortune of picturing some freaky caricature (though not of myself) with some awful, awful eyes... they looked like big circular flesh wounds. This was basically a scene transition of sorts - the microwave no longer existed nor did anything else, just that demonic looking person. I woke up after maybe a quarter of a second of looking straight at it, or rather, it looking straight at me. Between that and the microwave incident, I was so spooked I had to go talk to my folks (I ran as fast as I could to the front room, where they are currently watching TV) so I could calm down. They could tell I was spooked right from the get-go from the way I was breathing, even though I was talking like I was calm.

Let me tell you, even when you know something is a nonsense dream, it can still give you the severe spooks. Or at least that's how it is with me.
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