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I played Game Party 2 last night
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It's the only piece of Wii "shovelware" I own, and yesterday was the first time I ever played it.

It is not the greatest game of all time. However, it's mildly fun when you're playing with someone else. The minigames I tried were at least playable, and they're accessible to players of varying skill levels. I'm sure I'll be playing it every day for hours on end for the rest of my life.

Or not. We'll see.

The game would've been more fun with Miis instead of the "make your own avatar" thingies with limited options. Also, all of the outfits available just scream "2008 MySpace profile picture"!

You can still buy it at Walmart for $48.99, which is probably more expensive than when it first came out in 2008. I have no idea.
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Sometimes shovelware can be good though. it just depends on the audience that it randomly happened to land on.

It's hard to believe that Midway, one of the companies behind Mortal Kombat, did this.

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