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Nite SodaStream Alchemy, Hey, Vinny! Stole your title. hope you don't mind.
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Nice going! If I ever find myself in your neck of the woods, I will be sure to stop by the Nite Soda Fountain!
Course clear! You got a card.
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Small update:

mixing syrups and adding extra shots.
1.5 shots cola: actually tastes like Jolt Cola... Haven't had this in years..
Cola 1 shot + 1/4 shot lemon lime: This is interesting. just off from CocaCola... I might have better results if I had just lime...
2X lemon lime: ...way too sweet... perhaps if I go the opposite direction with this one.

Using syrups for other purposes:
Root beer in particular has made for an interesting ice cream topping.
Lemon-lime taken as a straight shot (I don't recommend this if you are unprepared) is a tangy, neutral taste, I may explore the possibility of using this as a base for a barbecue sauce.

Seems Cola Syrup is also sold as medicine. This has gotten in my way so many times in searches. I can't help but wonder if they are similar.

I can't believe this! There's a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant 1-city away! I may have to pay them a visit!

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