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Luden's cough drops
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Do you believe in these things? If they were candy, they'd be some of the best cherry candy out there, although they supposedly serve a medicinal purpose: soothing irritating throats and reducing coughing. They probably don't hurt anything, although I also have a feeling that they're only slightly more powerful than a placebo.

Fun Fact: When I was six years old, I ate a couple of Luden's cough drops even though I wasn't remotely sick. Fortunately, this was not a gateway to a life of drug abuse.
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Seems that the active ingredient is just pectin.
They use this to congeal jellies and jams.

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given that, i no longer feel bad for eating the hell out of these things when i was given them as a kid. next time i get paid, i'm buying me a bag.
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wow, if brand name children are on sale, maybe i can stop buying all these cheap knockoff children

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