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A fun little thing. You type in a bit of text, and this site will use machine learning to continue whatever text you gave it! Sometimes the results are surprisingly coherent, while other times it's delightfully nonsensical! Here are some of my favorites from prompts I've entered:

Talk to Transformer and the Marlboro Man
(I don't remember what the prompt was for this, but it had nothing to do with cigarettes or taffy.)

We were walking down the parking lot of Marlboro Man's favorite store called Taffy, and I asked, "Is there a secret door inside the store that leads up to a basement?"

Taffy Man, who calls himself 'The Real Truth' responded, "No, there is not. Do you remember when Uncle Jim told us he liked a real, old cigar?"

Of course I remembered that! It must have been some grand, grand story! But still, I asked:

"How old did that uncle get?"

And the answer stuck:

I was a kid. At least five years old.

Afterward, I stopped walking by Taffy for a long time. I sat down in the driver's seat of my car and pretended I had forgotten the entire story. Then I went outside.

The store looked just the same again.

"There is a secret entrance down from the gas station," said the salesman. "It's locked behind the parking lot."

I was relieved that the salesman was telling the truth. To be honest, I still didn't think it was quite true. It wasn't until a friend took me down the road by myself, following

Talk to Transformer: The Musical
Prompt: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...

You were a young girl. A pretty child...

That life, so young and so beautiful...

You thought, what's next...

You wanted to be loved,

and have your dreams fulfilled...

But when you're seventeen, you get your wish...

I've never seen my own reflection...

And for those who know me,

you'll never, ever understand!

(Singing) For those who can see my eyes...

Oh, what you've been through.

But for a long time...

I could not be saved...

Because when you look to me...

Who am I, who am I?

My name is Elphaba...

I am my parents' child.

I'm your wife.

You'll know I'm not gone.

I'll keep my promises...

I'll not be in any pain.

I've changed my ways,

but you'll never see it...

You won't feel me.

(Singing) If Elna, my wife, were here, she'd take my mind away.

If she were here, she'd say "Hola," and be gone.

Talk to Transformer - and Kim, and Plato
Prompt: Kim Kardashian asked Plato, "What

is a person?"

"I think of them as being essentially one in the world, so my question is the same as it is about what is an important and important and important thing to be in life, but in a different context: what is a person?"

The following exchange appears courtesy of ABC:

Dr. Stephen Hawking: "So what is a person?"

Plato: "It's an idea or a phenomenon that is important to you, the way you think about the world, and if you have it, you think about it, so it's a sense or an idea, because if there's been no reason to think about something, you don't really know it. Now, you can know when it's important or important because you've had a feeling of some importance to it. So, for me, I think it's like a sense, but, the most important thing, for me, is the notion that you've been born with. If it was inborn into you, wouldn't that make for a person? So that's the thing, and I think you could say what it is with Plato, I think everything, from the smallest animal all the way up to the universe. The thing I have always felt is that if an idea's good enough for a person, they're going to choose

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